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Vacuum Toilet and Portable Restroom Manufacturer

We design and manufacture vacuum toilet and portable restroom

Global Four Seats Water-saving Vacuum Toilet Restroom for Event

Short Description:

Product main introduction:

Pressing the flush button, the vacuum toilet system automatically flushes, extracts dirt from the toilet and transports it to the dirt box,the process has a deep knowledge and rich practical experience, the word’s leading.


◎The appearance and color

◎Can customize 2 to 6 seats vacuum toilet

◎Space layout

◎Ceramic or stainless steel materials

Product Detail

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Global Four Seats Water-saving Vacuum Toilet Restroom for Event

ZNZK vacuum environmental protection toilet system consists of vacuum base station, vacuum barrier valve, vacuum toilet, vacuum pipe network, vacuum collector, vacuum lifter, control system, etc. The vacuum toilet system and its components have obtained a number of national patents.

A vacuum toilet is a kind of toilet. The air pressure difference generated by the toilet system can suck the dirt in the toilet in the form of air suction to achieve the purpose of flushing. It can greatly save the flushing water. The traditional water-saving toilet set by the state is 6L/time, and after adopting the vacuum environmentally friendly toilet, each flushing is less than 0.5L/time; completely solve the small space, the air is not smooth, and the toilet smell and no water The pipes caused problems such as the inability to install toilets.

Compared with traditional toilets, it has the advantages of saving water, good flushing effect, good odor control, and convenient installation.

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Size Length Width Height
4920mm----9600mm 2200mm 2600mm

Luxury Portable Vacuum Toilet Specifications

◎The interior is equipped with an emergency alarm system, clothes hook, hand box, hand dryer, sensor plus manual flushing switch.

◎The main structure adopts high-quality light steel keel welding as a one-piece structure, the base is 20# channel steel, the main frame is 120×100 square tube welding, the secondary frame is 80×40 and 50×50 square tube welding, all frames are treated with anticorrosion treatment, steel Anti-corrosion treatment at the welded parts of the frame steel components is durable and the wall thickness is above 2mm.

◎The inner wall adopts high-grade inner wall carved board, and the outer wall adopts a combination of aluminum-plastic board and steel metal paint. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, fire prevention, and long life.

◎High-grade non-slip ceramic tiles are used on the toilet floor.

◎The roof is laid flat and waterproof and insulated to ensure the complete and beautiful roof structure.

◎The ceiling of the toilet is made of ecological wood ceiling, and the toilet is generous and beautiful as a whole.

◎The management room is equipped with a general distribution box, power switch, socket, daylighting window, integrated vacuum base station (for sound insulation treatment), clean water tank and dirt box, which can meet the needs of 2000 to 3000 people in an environment with no water inflow and no sewage. Customers can choose heating and heat preservation wording, and the ambient temperature is -50° to 40°

Production Process



1) Carton box
2) Wooden-frame
3) Wooden case 
4) According to customer requirements
5) we are all familar with different requirement on package,So we could accept any OEM service. Make your brand more famous than before.


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