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Vacuum Toilet and Portable Restroom Manufacturer

We design and manufacture vacuum toilet and portable restroom


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can solve these problems you meet

Easy to be frozen

Solution-Because the vacuum environment-friendly toilet sucks the dirt through the air pressure, the solid sewage pipe can reach the "no water" state, additional, secondary insulation subject to the water inlet pipe and the sewage pipe ,which completely ensure that the toilet is in a cold (-40℃ ) environment can normal work.

No water inflow

Solution-There is a small water storage tank of 1.5 m3 in the system, and the water consumption of the vacuum environment-friendly toilet is less than 0.5L/time, it can be used for 3000-4000 times.

No sewage

As the vacuum environment-friendly toilet use less water and has relatively less solid waste, there is no need to design a large-scale fecal pond to collect the waste. A small 3m3 waste tank can be installed in the room, which can meet 3000-4000 times of use.

Lack of water or difficult to clean

Solution-Intelligent remotely real-time control the internal water supply system and sewage collection system of each toilet. When the water supply is insufficient or the sewage tank is about to overflow, the system will automatically alarm. For areas where the public toilets are too scattered, it is convenient for toilet management.

Need to be moved frequently

Solution-As the vacuum toilet system equipment is integrated with the room body, the toilet is highly mobile and easy to carry

Need installed place have a slope

Solution-As vacuum toilets use negative pressure to be power source. The pipeline installation process can follow the structure's exterior, interior linear, curved, and even upward and downward directions. It is truly realize to “the water flows upward"

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