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Vacuum Toilet and Portable Restroom Manufacturer

We design and manufacture vacuum toilet and portable restroom

Vacuum Toilet – Porcelain

Short Description:

Water saving 0.5L/flush;

Odor free;

Easy to install and maintain;

Application: Public toilets in supermarkets, railway stations, airports, prisons, schools, hospital, historic buildings, exhibition centers etc.

Product Detail

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Vacuum Toilet - Stainless Steel

1. Water saving
The water consumed by our vacuum toilets is significantly lower, only 0.5L/flush.
2.Increased planning options
The pipes can be installed vertically in ceilings and even in thin walls, because vacuum systems can lift sewage upward from the toilet. The toilet system does not require a certain slop to build in.

3. Increased hygiene and better air movement in sanitary facilities
No need to install piping ventilation. Our vacuum toilets effectively remove 30 - 40L odors and mists around / above sewage so they are more comfortable and hygienic.



Mode Nr Material


Spec (length*width *height) mm Unit  Voltage Power Average power consumption Note
VTPP-01 stainless steel 660*360*400 1set DC 24 20W 1W Double valve control, anti-clogging
VTPP-T01 porcelain 530*390*420 1set DC 24 20W 1W Double valve control, anti-clogging

Note: the base tank of stainless steel toilet is 500*300*250mm.

Example Solution

Four vacuum toilets (pipes included), an intelligent vacuum base station (the controller can be embedded in it), one collecting tank (standard version).

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